'Dark Stone' Quest

Marlon is a loyal guard who works for the Church of Devias, assisting as a guard in various cities. He has received intel that suggests rumors of the Dark Stone, an ancient treasure of the Knight's tribe, being located on the continent. The Dark Stone was blessed with magical power, which can be used to learn a special combat skill. Agree to find the item for Marlon, and he will show you how to use its ability.

Quick Facts

This quest requires the completion of Hero Status quest.

This quest is only offered to the Blade Knight character.

  • You will need Zen x2,000,000.
  • You can start the quest from level 220.
  • Speak to Marlon to start the quest, located in either Lorencia, Noria, Devias, or Atlans.
  • The NPC will randomly move to different maps.
  • You cannot skip the quest.
*you can check the quest log via hot-key [T].

Rewards List:
  1. Skill unlocked:
    • Blade Knight: unlocks Combo.

A quest NPC. Marlon is a loyal guard whom works for the Church of Devias, assisting as a guard in various cities. He offers Quests for the Blade Knight, Muse Elf, Soul Master, and Blo...

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Game lore...
Marlon says,

"The Dark Stone is an ancient treasure known to have been sacred to the Knight's tribe. Most records of the item appear to have vanished, but it was discovered that some of Kundun's minors may be exploiting its power! Not much information is necessarily known about the item, but it is known to have the ability to grant great strength and knowledge to its possessor. Although powerful, only descendants of the Knight's tribe will be able to understand and learn its abilities."

Quest List
These quests are only available to Blade Knight characters who are at least level 220.
#1 Secret of the 'Dark Stone'
  1. Obtain item: Zen x2,000,000.
  2. Talk to NPC Marlon.
  3. Obtain quest item: Dark Stone.

  4. The quest item drops from monsters between level 72 ~ 108. The item drops from all monsters in the following maps:
    • Tarkan
    • Icarus
    • Land of Trials
    • Aida (excluding "bloody" monsters)
    • Kanturu
    • Acheron

    Quest item drops in Crywolf:

    Quest item drops in Karutan:

  5. Talk to NPC Marlon.
  1. Skill unlocked:
    • Blade Knight: unlocks Combo.
Dark Stone
An image of the Dark Stone.
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