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[MU Online Fanz] is the official third-party fan site of [MU Online]. [MU Online] is an MMORPG developed and published by [WEBZEN Inc.]. Currently, there are a variety of [MU] game franchises released, however this fan site is dedicated solely to [Global MU Online]. [Global MU Online] was originally published in 2001, only in Korea. It eventually was published as a global game, becoming accessible to almost every country in the world!

[MU Online Fanz] is dedicated to publishing content related to [MU Online] by releasing game guides, developing game tools, hosting exciting and fun promotional events, creating artworks, and releasing exciting videos! As part of our on-going promotional services, we have been able to give away thousands of valuable in-game items completely free! We work directly with [MU Online's] publishing team in order to provide official and approved distribution of items and in-game services.

Our partnership with [WEBZEN] is completely voluntary, and we are not compensated in any way for publishing this fan site, nor for executing any promotional event. Therefore, donations are always welcome (and appreciated), and they will help improve the development of [MU Online Fanz] by getting more involved with the community and the game! You can donate by clicking the [Donate] button near the top of any page header.

[MU Online Fanz] was created by an inspired member of [Global MU Online]. Originally published in [October 2012], [MU Online Fanz] has grown into a huge community of dedicated players. [MU Online Fanz] does not support private servers, and will never endorse private servers.


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