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[MU Online Fanz] is the official third-party website of [WEBZEN]'s classic RPG, [Global MU Online]. As such, [MU Online Fanz] hosts awesome community events, with even better rewards! Although all partnership with WEBZEN is voluntary, the fan page is dedicated to hosting fun, interactive in-game experiences. The reward packages up for grabs are usually some of the best! Donations are always welcome and appreciated, and help [MU Online Fanz] get more involved with the community! You can donate here: [Donate Now].

[MU Online Fanz] was created by an inspired member of [Global MU Online]. Originally published in [October 2012], [MU Online Fanz] has come a long way. The published guides and tools the fan page provides are the most up to date and accurate on the internet. [MU Online Fanz] does not support private servers.

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