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MU Online Fanz was created by an inspired member of WEBZEN's classic RPG, Global MU Online. With a goal in mind to create not only a game guide, but a successful community of players, MU Online Fanz has become very popular since its release date of October 2012. Constantly creating and re-developing game guides and tools, we try to insure all our information is up to date. We are NOT a private server, nor is there any intention of supporting or becoming a private server.

Currently, we have been lucky enough to become MU Online's official third-party website, which grants us the opportunity to bring you official community events (with awesome rewards)! Although all our participation with MU Online is voluntary, we are dedicated to host amazing in-game experiences with the community. Donations are very appreciated and help us get more involved with the game!
All content found within the domain or any sub-domains of http://muonlinefanz.com/ (MU Online Fanz) is owned and copyrighted by Izak Thompson, whom reserves the right to all content within MU Online Fanz. To legally use any content found within MU Online Fanz, you must directly submit a request in writing or via e-mail. Failing to contact our web master and pursuing to use content found within MU Online Fanz without permission could lead to legal actions. MU Online Fanz is produced, promoted, and published via IZAKTLY STUDIO, which is owned and copyrighted by Izak Thompson.

Do not take screen-shots of our website, please!

Some content on this site is owned by Webzen Inc. and its Licensors, all of which is used with permission. Any external use of any content, as mentioned above (including: the display of screen-shots, all images, backgrounds, logos, or other unmentioned content of MU Online Fanz), without written permission from Izak Thompson may be considered a violation of Copyright with any of and/or all of the following: Webzen, Inc. and its Licensors, Izak Thompson, or Google. Violating anyone's copyright could result in legal action. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You can directly make a request for use of any content found within MU Online Fanz by e-mailing the following address: izakt@muonlinefanz.com

How can I publicly share information found on MU Online Fanz?
Although there is a strict policy about copyright, the public IS allowed to do the following without any copyright violation:
  • Creating a link that will refer people to a web page of MU Online Fanz
  • You may copy any text displayed within MU Online Fanz, so long as a direct link is provided to the page you are referencing.

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