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MU Online Fanz is the leading fan site and game guide of MU Online! MU Online is an MMORPG developed and published by Webzen Inc. MU Online was originally published in 2001 and was only available in Korea. However, in 2003, Webzen launched MU Online on their global gaming portal!

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MU Online Fanz is dedicated to publishing MU Online game guides, walkthroughs, developing game tools, creating content, and hosting promotional events! We work directly with Webzen Inc. in order to host official events with official rewards that are distributed and approved by Webzen! We love having fun with our community and enjoy giving away thousands of valuable in-game items!

Our partnership with Webzen is completely voluntary, and we are not compensated in any way for publishing this fan site, nor for executing any promotional event. We highly appreciate donations, and they will be used to help improve the development of our communities. You can make a secure donation by clicking the [Donate] button at the very bottom of any page.

MU Online Fanz was created by an inspired member of MU Online. Originally published in October 2012, MU Online Fanz has grown into a huge community of dedicated players.

MU Online Fanz is not, does not support, and will never endorse private servers.


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