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[Excellent Items] are an enhanced version of the normal item type. [Excellent Items] have increased [DMG]/[DEF], [Durability], and up to 6 [Excellent Options]!

Types of [Excellent Item]
  • Armors & Shields
  • Weapons
  • Pendants
  • Rings

Additional info
  • All [Excellent Item] weapons cause [Excellent Damage] (+110% Damage) at 5% chance.
  • [Excellent Items] have increased combat stats than the normal item type.
  • [Excellent Item] have greater requirements than the normal item type.
  • [Excellent Items] Can possess up to 6 [Excellent Options] at the same time!

How do I obtain [Excellent Item]?
  • Kill any monster above [Lv 20].
    • Monsters have a very low drop rate of [Excellent Item].
    • Increase monster drop rate by purchasing [Seals] from the [Cash Item Shop].
    • [Devil Square] and [Blood Castle] have an increased item drop rate.
  • [Devil Square] (difficulty 1 ~ 4)
  • Kill [Golden Monsters]
  • Kill [Boss Monsters]
  • Participate in [Special Events]
  • [Reward Boxes]
  • [Lord Mix]

[Excellent Option]
  • A single item may have up to 6 [Excellent Options] at the same time!
  • [Excellent Option] cannot be added to an item in-game.
  • [Excellent Option] can be added from [Rare Ticket Item].
  • [Excellent Items] dropped by monsters will have max 2 [Excellent Options] at the same time.
  • [Excellent Items] with up to 6 [Excellent Options] can be created via [Lord Mix].
  • [Excellent Items] can have [Excellent Option], [JOL Option], and [JOH Option] at he same time.
  • The term [+FO] means the item has all possible [Excellent Option]. (+Full Option).

Weapons & Pendants
  • Obtains ([Max HP] / 8) HP when monster is killed
  • Obtains ([Max Mana] / 8) MP when monster is killed
  • ATK DMG +1 every 20Lv
  • ATK DMG +2%
  • Excellent DMG Chance +10%
  • ATK (WIZ) Speed +7
Armor & Rings
  • Max HP +4%
  • Max Mana +4%
  • DEF Rate +10%
  • Decreases DMG +4%
  • Reflect DMG +5%
  • Amount of Zen acquired from hunting monsters +30%


[Mastery Item] [Excellent Option]

  • For more info about [Mastery Item], please see the [Mastery Item] page.


  • Excellent DMG Chance +10%
  • ATK DMG +1.5 per 20 levels
  • ATK Power +42
  • Attack (Wizardry) speed +7
  • Obtain (HP/8) HP when monster killed
  • Obtain (MP/8) MP when monster killed

  • Max HP +165
  • Max Mana +165
  • Damage Decrease by 45
  • Reflect Damage +5%
  • Defense Success Rate +10%
  • Amount of Zen acquired for hunting monsters +42%

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