Illusion Temple
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Illusion Temple is a battle arena where travelers can play a fun PVP capture the flag style mini-game!

How To Participate

Scroll of Blood is a craftable item via NPC Chaos Goblin Machine:

You can purchase the crafting ingrediants from the following NPCs:

Level Restrictions
  • Stage One: Level 180~269
  • Stage Two: Level 270~399
  • Stage Three: Level 400~500
  • Stage Four: Level 501~650
  • Stage Five: Level 651+

Event Times
  • 0:00 UTC

  • The arena is large; red team and blue team spawn on opposite sides of the map.
  • The Illusion Temple Ball is located in the northern and southern part of the map.
  • Return the Ball to the team's pedestal to earn a game point.
  • When a ball is picked up, the character's movement speed will be decreased greatly.
  • Players can attack each other to earn kill-points.
  • Kill-points can be used to buy skills during the mini-game.
  • Time limit: 15 minutes
  • Event points contribution:
    • Player Kill: 5 Kill-Points
    • Returning Ball: 1 Game-Point
  • Steps to win the event:
    • Earn 7 game points first

Skills For Sale
  • Magic Shield Order
    • Cost: 5 points
    • Function: Prevents 100% of DMG for 15 sec.
  • Resistance Order
    • Cost: 5 points
    • Function: Immobilize the enemy for 15 sec.
  • Freeze Time
    • Cost: 5 points
    • Function: Damages 50% of target's SD
  • Tracking Order
    • Cost: 10 points
    • Function: Teleports the player to the ball

  • General:
    • Requires 2 parties of 5 players
  • Game-play:
    • Parties allowed, and suggested.
    • If a player dies, the player respawns at their team's respawn area.
  • Restrictions:
    • No players with PK status allowed.
  • Notes:
    • Town Portal Scroll warps players to Event Square.
    • No penalty for player death; items not dropped on death.

Event Contribution
  • Party: victory
  • Individual: stone statue destruction, stone statue neutralization, and player kill
  • (*Any Elf character with more than 1500 energy, will earn contribution points according to their party members.)

Event Winner Reward
Illusion Temple Stage 1 & 2
  1. Experience Points (based on event contribution)
  2. Jewel of Chaos

Illusion Temple Stage 3 ~ 5
  1. Master Experience Points*
  2. Jewel of Chaos
  3. Mastery Box (Minor, Standard, Greater)*
  • (*based on event contribution)


• Total hits:
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