Maze of Dimensions
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Elena, the descendant of Etramu, created a place known as the [Maze Of Dimensions]! Inevitably, this great place became pillaged by Kundun. Damaged, the connecting dimensions were now incomplete. Elena, over the many years, has restored a handful of the Dimensional Gates, but many monsters still wander throughout the confusing labyrinth. She needs the strength of great warriors to complete the maze, and kill any monsters inside, to restore the place to its former state. Great rewards are offered for any brave warrior that can complete a floor of the maze!

Dimensional Gate
  • Located in [Event Square] (236, 58).
  • The mini-game can be entered at any time.
  • There is no fee to enter the mini-game.
  • [Requirements]:
    • [Character Level]: [Level 400]
    • [Quest]: [Master Quest]

Room Portal

Additional Info
  • Level suggestion: [Level 500]
  • Rewards are sent to the [Gremory Case], and expire after 7 days.
  • The mini-game can be exited at any time via [Warp].
  • When exited, all progress made in the mini-game will be saved.
  • Each week, on [Thursday] @00:00 (UTC), all progress in the mini-game will be reset.
  • When the mini-game resets, the character must start again at [Floor 1].
  • The monsters that appear in the mini-game do not drop items, except [Zen].
  • Because the event takes place in the [Event Square] map, [Gold Channel] [EXP Bonus] will not be effective.

How To Participate
  • Go to [Event Square] (236, 58).
  • Enter through the [Dimensional Gate].

[Noping] Try for Free!


[Room] example
[Portal] created UI
[Minimap] example
Requirement UI

  • There is a total of 7 floors to complete.
  • You must start on [Floor 1] and work your way up to [Floor 7].
  • To complete the [Floor], you must find the [Dimensional Gate] to the next [Floor].
  • Each [Floor] is randomly generated with a large amount of small [Rooms].
  • You can move between [Rooms] by using the [Portals], if one is available.
  • When you move to a [Room] raided by monsters, you must fight the monsters for a [Portal] to appear.
  • When there are monsters present, each [Room] may have its own unique requirement to progress to another [Room]:
    • Kill a specific amount of monsters.
    • Collect a specific amount of [Zen].
    • Accumulate a specific amount of dealt [DMG].
    • Accumulate a specific amount of [EXP].
    • Run the [MU Helper] for a specific amount of time.
    • Kill a specific amount of monsters, without consuming any [HP] [Potion].
    • Kill a specific amount of monsters, without consuming any [MP] [Potion].
  • There will be 1 requirement to complete, per [Room] with monsters.
  • Once the requirement is met, the [Portals] will appear.
  • The [Room] containing the [Dimensional Gate] will have 5 requirements to complete.
  • The requirements in the [Room] containing the [Dimensional Gate] will be more challenging than the regular [Rooms].

  • General:
    • 1 character max
    • No [Party] allowed.
  • Game-play:
    • If a character dies, the character is moved to [Event Square].
    • All progress is saved if a character disconnects, moves to another location, or dies during the mini-game.
  • Restrictions:
    • [Town Portal Scrolls] cannot be used.


Monster List
[Kundun's Soldier]
  • [Combat Level]: ?
  • [HP]: ?
  • [ATK DMG]: ?
  • [DEF]: ?
  • [DEF Rate]: ?
[Kundun's Giant Swordsman]
  • [Combat Level]: ?
  • [HP]: ?
  • [ATK DMG]: ?
  • [DEF]: ?
  • [DEF Rate]: ?
[Kundun's Spearman]
  • [Combat Level]: ?
  • [HP]: ?
  • [ATK DMG]: ?
  • [DEF]: ?
  • [DEF Rate]: ?


  • [Floor 1]:
    • [Ruud] (x150)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)
  • [Floor 2]:
    • [Ruud] (x200)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)
  • [Floor 3]:
    • [Ruud] (x450)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)
  • [Floor 4]:
    • [Ruud] (x800)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)
  • [Floor 5]:
    • [Ruud] (x1,550)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)
  • [Floor 6]:
    • [Ruud] (x1,850)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)
  • [Floor 7]:
    • [Ruud] (x2,000)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)


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