Tutorial: Warrior Welcome!
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The [Tutorial] is a basic walk-through of the game, offered by NPC [Shadow Phantom Soldier] as a [Quest]. If you have never really played the game before, it gives you good basic information to know. It is really simple, but we have detailed each step below to help!

[Warrior! Welcome] [Quest]
  • [Quest Menu] [Hot-key]: [T].
[Warrior! Welcome] [Quest] Alert
  • When a new [Tier 1] [Character Class] is created, the [Tutorial] is offered as a quest.
  • The [Tutorial] can be accepted or declined via [Quest Menu].
  • By completing the quest, a handful of extra rewards can be gained.
  • If the quest is declined, it cannot be accepted at another time.
  • If the quest is declined, [Warrior's Ring] and [Champion's Ring] will still be gifted.

[Shadow Phantom Soldier] says, "Welcome to the world of [MU]. We have been waiting for a hero like you to arrive and put a stop to the chaos brought on to the MU realm by [Kundun]. However, journeys such as this are bound to be perilous. If you wish, we can provide you with a simple tutorial, What do you say?"

Additional Information
  • [Tier 1] [Character Classes]: [Dark Knight], [Dark Wizard], [Fairy Elf], and the [Summoner].
  • Two [Quest] [Rings], the [Champion's Ring] and [Warrior's Ring], are the main [Quest] reward.
  • These [Quest] [Rings] can be transformed to receive a random [Normal] equipment item with a high [Item Level]!
  • [Champion's Ring] can be used at [Character Level] [Level 40].
  • [Warrior's Ring] can be used at [Character Level] [Level 80].
  • To transform the [Quest] [Rings] into items, drop them on the ground in any [Safe Zone].
  • The [Quest] [Rings] can transform into [Normal] equipment of [Item Level] [+6] ~ [+9], with random options!

[Noping] Try for Free!


[Warrior Welcome]
Choose a [Character Class] to see its detailed tutorial walk-through:
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For completing the tutorial, the Shadow Phantom Soldier with reward you with a [Champion's Ring] and a [Warrior's Ring]!

Possible [Subquest] Rewards
Completion Rewards
  • [Champion's Ring]
  • [Warrior's Ring]

[Warrior Ring] and [Champion Ring]


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