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Sylion Bone Armor

Select [Item Level]:
[Sylion Bone Armor]
  • [Ancient Item] type
[Item Details]
  • [DEF]: [+32]
  • [STR Level]: 76
  • [AGI Level]: 0
  • [Character Level]: [Level 1]
  • [Character Class]: DW, MG
Possible [+Additional Option]
  • [Stat Level] [+5], [+10]
  • [+Jewel of Life Option] (x1)
    • Increases [Strength Level] requirement [+5] per [Tier Level].
  • [+Luck Option]
[Ancient] [Set Options]
  • [x2 Items]:
    • [Double DMG] chance [+5%]
  • [x3 Items]:
    • [Critical DMG] chance [+5%]
  • [x4 Items]:
    • [DEF] [+20]
    • [Strength Level] [+50]
    • [Agility Level] [+50]
    • [Energy Level] [+50]
Monster Drops
Click the link below to search for monsters which drop this item:



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