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Wizard's Ring
Wizard's Ring
  • [Durability]: [30/30]

  • [Character Level]: [Level 1]

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Possible [+Additional Option]
  • [ATK\WIZ DMG] [+10%]
  • [ATK Speed] [+10]
Notes & Links
    • You may only have one, unequipped, [Wizard's Ring] in the character's [Inventory], at the same time.
    • Cannot be traded.
    • Cannot be [Repaired].
    • May be sold in [Personal Store].
    • May be stored in the [Vault].
    • There is no limit to how many can be placed in [Personal Store] or [Vault].
    • The [Durability] decreases every 60 seconds, when the item is equipped.
    • The [Durability] lasts a total of 30 minutes, while equipped.
    • Can be ontained from [White Wizard Invasion] [Mini-game]!

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