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[Icarus] Map
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[Icarus] is an ancient sky world which was thought to be only a mythical place. You'll for sure need a pair or [Wings], or an enchanted [Cape], in order to access this place. Over-looking the [Devias] snow field, this place holds host to the fierce [Phoenix of Darkness]. Many challenge the great beast to prove their strength and acquire it's sacred feather.

[Icarus] map

Great sorcerers spent many years researching and studying the sky, atop the [Lost Tower]. Eventually, they were able to create a spell which would be able to break open the atmosphere, revealing this mysterious world. The dimensional gate warps anyone which enters into an atmospheric environment, over-looking the [Devias] snow field! Great technological advances came from the discovery of this world.

Additional Info
  • Requires [Character Level] [Level 150] to enter.
  • Requires [Character Level] [Level 160] to [Warp].
  • [Wing]\[Cape] item is required to be equipped in order to enter this [Map].
  • This [Map] can be entered from, and has entrances to, the following [Map]:
  • [PVP] enabled area



Monster List
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[Egg of Monsters]:
NPC List
  • None
Map Gate List
  • [Lost Tower]
    • @(15, 13)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 40] to enter.
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 50] to [Warp].


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