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[Kalima] Map
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[Kalima] is the place where the great lord [Kundun] has been banished to. The area also serves host to his most loyal minions. Not just anyone can enter [Kalima], as the area is sealed off to prevent any monsters from leaving. The only way to access this area is through a special portal, which can be resurrected via [Lost Map]. A [Lost Map] can be crafted by combining (x5) [Symbols of Kundun] together. There are 7 areas of difficulty to [Kalima], which are restricted to warriors of a specific [Character Level]. Only on the 7th floor of [Kalima], in the deepest part of the map, will adventurers find the great lord [Kundun].

[Kalima] map
[Magic Stone Gate]
[Magic Stone Gate]
[Character Level] Restrictions
  • [Kalima 1]: [Character Level] [Level 40] required
  • [Kalima 2]: [Character Level] [Level 131] required
  • [Kalima 3]: [Character Level] [Level 181] required
  • [Kalima 4]: [Character Level] [Level 231] required
  • [Kalima 5]: [Character Level] [Level 281] required
  • [Kalima 6]: [Character Level] [Level 331] required
  • [Kalima 7]: [Character Level] [Level 350] required

Additional Info
  • [PVP] enabled area
  • This [Map] can only be entered by using [Lost Map].
  • [Illusion of Kundun] can be found in [Difficulty Level 1] ~ [Difficulty Level 6], at the very end of the map.
  • If a character kills [Illusion of Kundun], a [Magic Stone Gate] will appear to the next [Difficulty Level].
  • Only the character, and any of their [Party Members], which killed [Illusion of Kundun] can enter the [Magic Stone Gate].
  • Killing [Illusion of Kundun] in [Difficulty Level 6] will not summon a [Magic Stone Gate], and therefore [Difficulty Level 7] can only be accessed via [Lost Map +7].
  • [Kundun] can only be found in [Difficulty Level 7], at the very end of the map.

[Lost Map]
[Lost Map]
  • Used to enter a specific [Difficulty Level] of the [Kalima] [Map], based on which [Lost Map] is used.
  • [Lost Map +1] allows entrance to [Difficulty Level 1], while [Lost Map +7] allows entrance to [Difficulty Level 7].
  • Throwing it onto the ground will summon the [Magic Stone Gate].
  • Only the character which summons the [Magic Stone Gate], and any of their [Party Members], can enter it.
  • Can be crafted by collecting (x5) [Symbol of Kundun].
[Symbol of Kundun]
[Symbol of Kundun]
  • Used to craft [Lost Map].
  • By collecting (x5) of these items, it will become [Lost Map].
  • Can be stacked up to (x5.)
[Symbol of Kundun] [Drop Table]
  • [Symbol of Kundun +1]: [Monste Level] [Level 25] ~ [Level 46]
  • [Symbol of Kundun +2]: [Monste Level] [Level 47] ~ [Level 65]
  • [Symbol of Kundun +3]: [Monste Level] [Level 66] ~ [Level 77]
  • [Symbol of Kundun +4]: [Monste Level] [Level 78] ~ [Level 83]
  • [Symbol of Kundun +5]: [Monste Level] [Level 84] ~ [Level 91]
  • [Symbol of Kundun +6]: [Monste Level] [Level 92] ~ [Level 107]
  • [Symbol of Kundun +7]: [Monste Level] [Level 108]+

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