Kanturu Relics
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The Kanturu Relics is a dangerous ancient cavern, over-run by Kundun's minions! This once technologically advanced area, holds a tower which possesses the power to refine a Gemstone into a purified Jewel of Harmony! Unfortunately, Kundun's evil minion leader, Nightmare, awaits anyone who dares to enter the tower.

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  • Can be entered via Kanturu Ruins: (16, 226)
  • A character level ? is required to enter this map.
  • There is one Warp location:
    • Kanturu Relics: Safe-zone; Northern part of the map
      • Basic characters:
        • Character level 230 required
        • Costs 12,000 zen to Warp
      • Advanced characters:
        • Character level ? required
        • Costs ? zen to Warp

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NPC List
  • None

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