Kanturu Relics

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Kanturu Relics
  • Level 400 ~ Level 700 Hunting
During the Kantur People's time, they ultimately discovered ways to create various new life forms from the power of a Jewel of Harmony. Via advanced biotechnology skills, they discovered that the basis of creating a new life form was held within the power of a Jewel of Harmony. However, a pure Jewel of Harmony was near impossible to come by in nature. Therefore, the Kantur People spent many long years developing a method to purify unrefined Gemstones. Through their experiments, they created the mighty Refinery Tower and successfully created a science to purifying Gemstones. However, their experiments would ultimately lead to their civilization's destruction. During Year 1870 of Lugard, the Kantur People had already been suffering from internal war when Kundun was resurrected and had attacked this place. The Kantur People were defeated quickly, however the Refinery Tower remains standing here and is fully functional.

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Kanturu Relics
Kanturu Relics
Refinery Tower
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Map Gate List
  • Kanturu Ruins
    • @(71, 106)
    • Requires Character Level Level 150 to enter.
    • Requires Character Level Level 160 to Warp.
  • Gateway Machine
    • @(140, 186)
    • A character can use this gate to enter the Refinery Tower Mini-game.
    • Moonstone Pendant must be equipped to enter the Refinery Tower.


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