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  • Level 200 ~ Level 340 Hunting
[Tarkan] is a treacherous desert, now overwhelmed with fearsome monsters! In the north-east of the desert, the fierce [Zaikan] awaits anyone who dares to challenge it. The desert of [MU] holds host to some very strong monsters. Only few stray into [Tarkan] to seek the treasures yeilded from the great [Zaikan] monster. This great desert has always been a treacherous place to explore. The remains of many warriors who dared travel here can still be seen lying in this wasteland.

Entry Requirements
  • Requires Character Level 130 to enter.
  • Requires Character Level 140 to warp.
Other Info
Valuable Loot
Monster Drops:
  • Excellent items
  • Jewels
Boss Monster Drops:
  • Excellent items
[Tarkan] map
[Tarkan] map
# Hot Spots

Monster List
[Mini-game] Monster List
[Golden Monster Invasion]:

[Event] Monster List
  • None
NPC List
  • None
Map Gate List
  • [Atlans]
    • @(245, 43)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 50] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Kanturu Ruins]
    • @(15, 19)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 150] to enter.
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 160] to [Warp].
  • [Scorched Canyon]
    • @(?, ?)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 1050] to enter or [Warp].


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