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Vulcanus is the only PVP-friendly map. Here, players can participate in friendly duels and battle opposing Gens members to gain Gens Contribution Points.
  • PVP Arena; the following special PVP rules apply:
    • No penalty for PK
    • No chance that items will be dropped on death, even with a PK Status
    • Contribution Points are awarded to the murderer of the PK, if the players are in opposing Gens.
    • Contribution Points are reduced if a character is killed by another player, if the players are in opposing Gens.
    • If a character has Lv 3 PK status, killing monster here will decrease their PK points:
      • PK point reduction: ([Monster Level]/2)
  • +50% EXP increase (PVP Arena conditions)

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  • Can only be entered via Warp.
  • There is one Warp location:
    • Vulcanus: Safe-zone; Center section of the map
      • Basic characters:
        • Character level 30 required
        • Costs 15,000 zen to Warp
      • Advanced characters:
        • Character level ? required
        • Costs ? zen to Warp

Monster List

Special Monster List
  • None

NPC List

Gate Locations
  • None


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