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[Acheron] is a mysterious island, near the continent of [MU], which recently became riddled with unique elemental monsters. NPC [Deruvish] can be found camping in [Acheron]. He came here along with members of [Vanert] in search of [Secromicon Fragments]. The elemental monsters were far too strong, forcing [Vanert] to flee. NPC [Deruvish], however, stayed behind in order to research the area and gain the knowledge needed to fight the elemental monsters.

NPC [Deruvish]

NPC [Deruvish] has studied Acheron greatly, but he is not sure how this all came to be. He knows [Acheron] was once a tranquil place, filled with peaceful spirits of elemental energy. However, something has corrupted them with evil, and now they are hostile and possess physical strength. Most likely, this is [Kundun's] evil doing. The little information known, currently, is that the monsters' special elemental energy can be weakened with [Pentagrams]. [Pentagrams] are an accessory which protect against evil spirits' elemental effects. You will need a [Pentagram] to survive in [Acheron].

Additional Information
  • NPC [Deruvish] offers [Story] [Quests] and repeatable [Quests].
  • All of the [Story] [Quests] must be completed in order to take repeatable [Quests].
  • All repeatable [Quests] have [Character Level] restrictions, which a character must be within in order to be offered that [Quest].
  • [Quest] guide: [Acheron Research]

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