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[Elpis] manages the [Refinery Tower], which is used to refine impure [Gemstone] into [Jewel of Harmony]! However, the [Refinery Tower] gets invaded by [Nightmare] and his minons regularly, whom block the path to [Elpis]! Therefore, you'll have to fight you way through the hoard of monsters in order to reach [Elpis] and use the [Refinery Tower].

[Elpis] menu
  • Click [Refine Gemstone] to open the refinery interface.

Additional Info
  • NPC [Elpis] is available after any character wins the [Refinery Tower] [Mini-game], per [Server].
  • If the [Mini-game] is completed, the [Refinery Tower] will be open for 23 hours, and [Nightmare] will not need to be defeated again when entering [Refinery Tower].
  • [Mass combination] allowed up to (x32).
  • [Gemstone] is a common drop by monsters during the [Refinery Tower] [Mini-game].

[Refine] [Gemstone]
  • [80% Success Rate]
  • Required ingredients:
[Refinery] interface




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