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Safety Guardian
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[Safety Guardian] is a safe storage area where you can store valuable goods for a small [Zen] fee. This [NPC] is also known as the [Vault].

[Safety Guardian]
  • Located in various loctions throughout various [Maps].
  • Allows any character to store items in a secure [Vault].
  • In order to withdraw any item from the [Vault], a small [Zen] fee is charaged based on [Character Level].

Additional Info
  • This [NPC] can be found in almost all [Maps].
  • The [Zen] fee will increase as [Character Level] increases.
  • Up to (x999,999,999) zen can be deposited into [Vault].
  • Storage can be locked by a (x4) digit pin number.
  • Storage space can be doubled via [Vault Expansion Certificate] from the [Cash Item Shop] during promotional [Events].