Box of Kundun +2
Box of Kundun +2
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Item Usage
  • Open a Reward Box by tossing it onto the ground.
  • When opened, the item inside the Reward Box will appear on the ground.
  • After 10 seconds, other players can pick up the reward on the ground.
Possible Rewards
  • Armor items:
    • Any Excellent Ashcrow item
    • Any Excellent Iris item
    • Any Excellent Eclipse item
    • Any Excellent Red Wing item
    • Any Excellent Atlans item
    • Any Excellent Light Plate item
    • Any Excellent Adamantine item
  • Weapon items:
    • Excellent Lightning Sword
    • Excellent Crystal Sword
    • Excellent Crystal Morning Star
    • Excellent Sword of Destruction
    • Excellent Bill of Balrog
    • Excellent Aquagold Crossbow
    • Excellent Silver Bow
    • Excellent Elemental Mace
    • Excellent Saint's Crossbow
    • Excellent Rune Blade
    • Excellent Master Breaker
    • Excellent Great Scepter
  • Wizardry items:
    • Excellent Legendary Staff
    • Excellent Staff of Destruction
    • Excellent Staff of Resurrection
    • Excellent Violent Wind Stick
    • Excellent Book of Samut
  • Shield items:
    • Excellent Dragon Shield
    • Excellent Serpent Shield
    • Excellent Legendary Shield
  • Accessory items:
    • Excellent Pendant of Lightning
    • Excellent Pendant of Fire
    • Excellent Pendant of Ice
    • Excellent Pendant of Wind
    • Excellent Pendant of Water
    • Excellent Pendant of Ability
    • Excellent Ring of Ice
    • Excellent Ring of Poison
    • Excellent Ring of Fire
    • Excellent Ring of Earth
    • Excellent Ring of Wind
    • Excellent Ring of Magic
  • Other items:
    • Jewel of Soul (x1)
    • Jewel of Bless (x1)
    • Jewel of Chaos (x1)
    • Jewel of Life (x1)
    • Jewel of Creation (x1)
    • Jewel of Harmony (x1)
    • Devil's Invitation +1 ~ +2
    • Cloak of Invisibility +1 ~ +3
    • Lost Map +1 ~ +2
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