Defensive Bloodangel Knight Boots (Belief)
Defensive Bloodangel Knight Boots (Belief)
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Item Details
  • DEF: +127

  • Agility: 114
  • Energy: 755
  • Class: Blade Master
Set the +Item Level to update the item data:
+Set Option
As you equip multiple items from the Defensive Bloodangel Knight (Belief) set, you'll unlock +Set Options as shown below!
x2 items:
Skill DMG +10

HP +80
x3 items:
Double DMG chance +5%

DEF +30
x4 items:
Critical DMG chance +5%

Excellent DMG chance +5%

Strong Blessing Party DMG +50

All Stats +10

Base DEF +20

Strong Blessing HP Conversion Rate +5%

Strong Blessing Shield DEF +10
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