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Excellent Holyangel Knight Pants
Item Level:

Excellent Holyangel Knight Pants
  • [DEF]: [+167]

  • [STR Level]: 844
  • [AGI Level]: 256
  • [Character Level]: [Level 800]
  • [Character Class]: [Blade Master]

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Possible [+Additional Option]
  • +Excellent Option (x2):
    • HP +165
    • Mana +165
    • DEF Rate +10%
    • Decrease DMG +45
    • Reflect DMG +5%
    • Amount of Zen dropped from monsters +42%
  • +Jewel of Life Option (x1)
    • Increases the Strength requirement by 5 points, per Option Level.
  • +Jewel of Harmony Option (x1)
  • +Luck Option
Notes & Links
  • [Excellent Item] type

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