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Excellent Pendant of Wind

Excellent Pendant of Wind
The item level cannot be increased...
Item Details
  • Wind Resistance: +1
  • Durability: 65/65

  • Character Level 62

Possible additional options...
  • Excellent option... (x3 max)
    • Excellent DMG chance +10%
    • ATK DMG +1 per 20 Character Levels
    • ATK DMG +2%
    • ATK Speed +7
    • Restore (1/8) of HP per monster killed
    • Restore (1/8) of Mana per monster killed
  • Additional option...
    • Auto HP Recovery +1% ~ +3%
  • +Luck option

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Notes & links...

This item is an 'excellent' grade item; you can learn more about excellent items and their possible additional options in the excellent items guide. You can learn more about all item grades and their possible additional options in the combat items guide.


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