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Gaion Atlans Boots

Gaion Atlans Boots

Set the item level...

Item details...
  • DEF: +49

  • Strength: 456
  • Agility: 171
  • Can be equipped by MG

Possible additional options...
  • Additional option...
    • Any Stat +5 ~ +10
  • +Jewel of Life option*
  • +Jewel of Harmony option
  • +Luck option
*the item's STR requirement increases by 5, per option level!
Set option...

If you equip multiple items from the Gaion Atlans set, you'll unlock additional options...

x2 items:
Ignore DEF chance +5%
x3 items:
Double DMG chance +15%
x4 items:

Excellent DMG chance +15%

Excellent DMG +30

WIZ DMG +20%

Strength Level +30

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