The Arena is host to the Battle Soccer mini-game! Sadly, this mini-game was discontinued -- leaving the map mostly useless. The rest of the map has no monsters, but it can be used for player-vs-player combat.

Quick Facts
Discontinued map
  • This map is discontinued, but it is still accessible via warp command.
  • In previously versions, this map was used to host the Battle Soccer mini-game.
  • The Battle Soccer mini-game is also discontinued.
  • When a character dies in this map they will respawn at the exact same coordinates.
  • PVP is enabled in this map when you walk out of the safe-zone.
  • There is one NPC which sells potions and general items.
  • No monsters spawn in this map.
  • This map is basically pointless. 😐
Battle Soccer arena
Battle Soccer
Discontinued event
  • Sadly, this mini-game has been discontinued.
  • The mini-game took place inside the map's Safe-zone.
  • A Guild was able to challenge another Guild to an exciting game of soccer (foot-ball)!
  • A Battle Soccer request could be sent via text command:
    • "/battlesoccer Guild Name"
Battle Soccer arena
NPC List #
This is a list of all NPCs which are located in this map.

A merchant NPC. Arena Guard offers general items for sale including health potions, mana potions, Arrows and Bolts, Town Portal Scroll, Armor of Guardsman, and other miscellaneous items.

Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball
Appears in the Battle Soccer mini-game. When you attack it, it moves a few tiles in the direction of the attack.

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