The Arena is host to the Battle Soccer mini-game! Sadly, this mini-game was discontinued -- leaving the map mostly useless. The rest of the map has no monsters, but it can be used for player-vs-player combat.

Quick Facts
Discontinued map
  • This map is discontinued, but it is still accessible via warp command.
  • In previously versions, this map was used to host the Battle Soccer mini-game.
  • The Battle Soccer mini-game is also discontinued.
  • When a character dies in this map they will respawn at the exact same coordinates.
  • PVP is enabled in this map when you walk out of the safe-zone.
  • There is one NPC which sells potions and general items.
  • No monsters spawn in this map.
  • This map is basically pointless. 😐
Battle Soccer arena
Battle Soccer
Discontinued event
  • Sadly, this mini-game has been discontinued.
  • The mini-game took place inside the map's Safe-zone.
  • A Guild was able to challenge another Guild to an exciting game of soccer (foot-ball)!
  • A Battle Soccer request could be sent via text command:
    • "/battlesoccer Guild Name"
Battle Soccer arena
NPC List #
This is a list of all NPCs which are located in this map.
  • Merchant NPC
Arena Guard offers general items for sale including health potions, mana potions, Arrows and Bolts, Town Portal Scroll, Armor of Guardsman, and other miscellaneous items.
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Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball
Appears in the Battle Soccer mini-game. When you attack it, it moves a few tiles in the direction of the attack.
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