Safety Guardian
Safety Guardian
  • Quest NPC
  • Location:
    • @(Multiple maps)
Safety Guardian is a safe storage area where you can store valuable goods for a small Zen fee. This NPC is also known as the Vault.
Notes & Tips
  • Opens the Vault to allows safe storage of items.
  • There is a small Zen fee to withdraw an item.
  • The fee to withdraw an item is based on character level.
  • Up to x999,999,999 zen can be deposited into Vault.
  • Zen may be deducted from Vault on character death.
  • The Vault can be locked by a four digit PIN.
  • You can increase the amount of space in your Vault via Vault Expansion Certificate from the Cash Item Shop.
  • The Vault Expansion Certificate item is typically only available periodically during promotional events.

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