Skill Enhancement Trees

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Check the details of each character's Skill Enhancement Tree below!
Dragon Knight
Dark Knight
  • Death Stab
  • Fire Blow
  • Rageful Blow
  • Strike of Destruction
  • Sword Blow
  • Strong Blessing
Noble Elf
Noble Elf
  • Triple Shot
  • Multi Shot
  • Focus Shot
Soul Wizard
Soul Wizard
  • Meteor Strike
  • Evil Spirit
  • Meteor Storm
Dimension Summoner
Dimension Summoner
  • Death Scythe
  • Lightning Shock
  • Aqua Beast
  • Fire Beast
Rune Wizard
Grand Rune Master
  • Magic Arrow
  • Plasma Ball
  • Lightning Storm
  • Sword Inertia
  • Bat Flock
  • Pierce Attack
Magic Knight
Magic Knight
  • Fire Blood
  • Ice Blood
  • Fire Slash
  • Dark Blast
  • Gigantic Storm
  • Evil Spirit
Empire Lord
Empire Lord
  • Chaotic Diseier
  • Wind Soul
  • Fire Burst
Shining Lancer
Shining Lancer
  • Breche
  • Magic Pin
  • Shining Peak
Fist Blazer
Fist Blazer
  • Spirit Hook
  • Dark Side
  • Dragon Roar

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