Protector of Acheron
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A cursed obelisk appeared in Acheron, and evil monsters are spawning around it! Kill all the monsters and destroy the obelisk before they gain full strength!

How To Participate
  • Speak with Sir Lesnar at the mini-game start time!
  • Select option 9 from Sir Lesnar's dialogue menu to enter the mini-game!

NPC Sir Lesnar can be found in the following locations:
  • Lorencia (114, 131)
  • Noria (183, 126)
  • Devias (240, 53)

Level Suggestion
  • Master level

Mini-game Times
Mini-game start time:
  • Sunday ~ Friday:
    • 4:00 UTC
  • Saturday:
    • No mini-game is hosted

Sir Lesnar menu

  • There will be a system message when the mini-game begins: “Destroy the cursed obelisk with corrupt spirits!”
  • When a player speaks to Sir Lesnar, the NPC will teleport the player to the mini-game arena.
  • The mini-game is held in the Acheron map, which participating players are teleported to.
  • Players must search Acheron to find the Cursed Obelisk.
  • The Cursed Obelisks are spawned in the center of each area of the map.
  • The Cursed Obelisk can spawn in the following areas of Acheron: Alkmar, Ubaid, or Debenter.
  • The Cursed Obelisk will spawn in only one area of Acheron, each mini-game.
  • Cursed monsters will be defending the Cursed Obelisk.
  • Cursed monsters and Cursed Obelisk will have the same elemental attribute.
  • Cursed monsters have a special skill which spawn more Cursed monsters!
  • There is a 30 minute time limit to destroy the Cursed Obelisk.
  • Destroying the obelisk will kill all Cursed monsters.
  • Steps to win the event:
    • Destroy: Cursed Obelisk

  • General:
    • No player limit
  • Game-play:
    • Parties allowed, and suggested.
    • If a player dies, the player respawns in the mini-game map.
  • Restrictions:
    • No players with PK status allowed.
  • Restrictions:
    • Town Portal Scroll warps players to mini-game map.
    • No penalty for player death; items not dropped on death.

Protector of Acheron battle

Protector of Acheron map

Monster List
Cursed Salamander
Cursed Salamander
  • ?
Cursed Sellihoden
Cursed Sellihoden
  • ?
Cursed Obelisk
Cursed Obelisk
  • ?

Monster Drop Reward List
Each player can obtain the following items during the event by killing monsters:


• Total hits:
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