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David can create "Lucky Armor" sets which can only be crafted with a Lucky Item Ticket.

Exchange Lucky Item
  • Exchange the following Lucky Item Tickets for its corresponding armor piece.
    • 1st Lucky Helm Ticket
    • 1st Lucky Armor Ticket
    • 1st Lucky Pants Ticket
    • 1st Lucky Boots Ticket
    • 1st Lucky Gloves Ticket
    • 2nd Lucky Helm Ticket
    • 2nd Lucky Armor Ticket
    • 2nd Lucky Pants Ticket
    • 2nd Lucky Boots Ticket
    • 2nd Lucky Gloves Ticket
  • The item received will be based on the character’s class which exchanges the ticket.
  • Armor pieces act as ancient set items and will activate more additional options as you wear more of the complete set.
  • Items received can have a base level of +0 ~ +15 with +Luck and +Option attributes randomly generated.
  • Items received cannot be upgraded.
  • Items cannot be traded, stored, or sold in the personal store.
  • Items can only be repaired via Jewel of Extension, which recovers full durability.
  • Items with zero durability can be refined into Jewel of Extension.

Refine Lucky Item
  • Refine Lucky Item Ticket into Jewel of Extension
    • Success rate is unknown (not 100%)
  • Refine Lucky Item set piece into Jewel of Extension.
    • Success rate is unknown - not 100%
    • Items refined with more durability seem to have a higher success rate.
    • Items refined with zero durability have a very low chance to refine successfully.


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