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Gens Duprian Steward
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[Gens Duprian Steward] represents the [Gens] family of [Duprian]. [Duprian] is a guild of the greatest heroes in Arca, led by the [Duprian Clan]. The [Duprian Clan] is known as one of the most noble bloodlines in MU. The clan is lead by a glorious and noble knight, [Duprian Winston].

Gens Duprian Steward
  • Located in [Lorencia] @(145, 129).
  • Speak with him to join the [Duprian Clan].
  • His real name is [Gregory].
  • Check the [Gens] page for more details about [Gens].
[Gens Duprian Steward] Menu
The [Duprian Clan] Dispute
[Gens] [Duprian] is a guild of the greatest heroes in [Arca], and at its heart is the [Duprian Clan], which is known as the mightiest noble bloodline in [MU]. They are led by [Duprian Winston], a knight who knows no equal in the entire [MU] empire. You are wondering about the dispute between the two [Gens]? Its because of [Gens] [Vanert's] rebellion. The [Gens] dispute started because of the greed of [Vanert Reicht], the commanding knight of [Gens] [Vanert]. Five years ago, a band of heroes were searching [Raklion] for a stone with the power to seal away [Kundun], and they were slaughtered. At that time, we had believed it was the work of [Selupan], a giant spider and the ruler of [Raklion]. However, we soon learned that it was actually an act of [Gens] [Vanert]. It is the duty of our proud [Gens] [Duprian] champions to retaliate and fight.

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