Moss Moss is located in Elveland (23, 227). Moss is very unique and offers a small gambling service. In his shop he will sell you a random sword from his inventory for a consistant price. When you purchase a weapon from Moss, you will not know what you are getting until AFTER you make the purchase. There is a very small chance of geting excellent items from Moss. If you are very lucky, you can earn one of Moss' specialty items!

Merchandise Selling Price
Sword/Mace/Spear 2,000,000 Zen
Staff 2,000,000 Zen
Bow/Crossbow 2,000,000 Zen
Scepter 2,000,000 Zen
Stick 2,000,000 Zen
Cancel Item Sale Buy-back Feature
  • Buy back items via the 'Cancel Item Sale' button.
  • You can rebuy expensive items that you have sold to NPC within 24 hours.
  • Buy back up to five previously sold items
  • When you buy back an item, 10% of the price of the item will be paid as a fee.
  • You cannot buy back time-limited items or cash items.

Rare Item Warning


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