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Priest James
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[Priest James] owns an item shop with various [Mastery] items for sale like equipment, [Skill Items], [Boss Room] items, and high level crafting ingredients. Everything in his shop is only sold in exchange for [Ruud].

[Priest James]
  • Located in [Elveland] @(32, 239).
  • Located in [Event Square] @(215, 55).
  • Sells a large variety of items such as [Mastery Items], [Skill Items], [Boss Room] items, and crafting ingrediants.
  • All items in his shop are only sold in exchange for [Ruud].
  • The items offered to your character will vary depending on your [Character Class].
[Priest James]

How do I obtain [Ruud]?
[Ruud] is a special currency which is mostly earned exclusively from [Mastery Box] items. [Mastery Box] items can be obtained from various [Mini-games] after a character reaches [Master Level].



Items Selling List

[Armor] cost (x50,000) [Ruud]:



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