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Priest James
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[Priest James] owns an item shop with various mastery tier items for sale like equipment, skill items, and crafting ingredients.

Additional info
  • Location:
    • [Event Square] (215, 55)
    • [Elveland] (32, 239)
  • [Priest James] item shop only accepts [Ruud] for purchases.
  • The only equipment available in the item shop will fit the character's class.

What is [Ruud]?
[Ruud] is a currency, like [Zen], which can be earned from opening any [Mastery Box]. [Mastery Box] can be obtained based on the amount of [Contribution Points] earned while playing mini-games with a [Master Level] character.

  • [Ruud] is [Bound] and stored in the [Equipment Inventory].
  • [Ruud] is earned from opening any [Mastery Box].
  • The [Mastery Box] may be rewarded to [Master Level] characters from the following minigames:
    • [Chaos Castle]
    • [Blood Castle]
    • [Devil Square]
    • [Illusion Temple]
    • [Doppelganger]
    • [Empire Guardians] (Varka)
  • [Ruud] can be earned from special [WEBZEN] promotions.


Item Shop List


Skill items

Mastery Items

Ruud Item Shop


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