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[Rhea] offers equipment for low level [Summoner] [Character Class]. Items for sale include various armor and weapons.

  • Located in [Elveland] @(29, 236).
  • Sells armor and weapons for the [Summoner] [Character Class].
  • Any item can be sold to this [NPC] for [Zen].
  • Any item can be repaired by this [NPC] for a [Zen] fee.

Item Selling List


[Repair] Feature
  • Almost any item's [Durability] can be repaired by this [NPC] for a [Zen] fee.
  • Use the [Repair] button to repair one specific item.
  • Use the [Repair All] button to repair all equipped items.
  • The cost of item repair depends on the value of the item.
  • For example, a [Normal Item] with [Item Level] [+0] will cost less to repair compared to an [Excellent Item] with [Item Level] [+15].
  • [Bound] items, [Time-limited] items, and [Premium] items cannot be repaired.

Repair Button
Repair Cost


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