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Weapons Merchant Sophia
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Weapons Merchant Sophia is located in Devias (188, 47). She sells a verity of mediocre equipment for dark knights, rage fighters, magic gladiators, and elves.

Merchandise Selling Price
Dragon Helm +3
(+4def +Luck)
115,600 Zen
Dragon Armor +3
(+4def +Luck)
125,000 Zen
Dragon Pants +3
(+4def +Luck)
106,600 Zen
Dragon Gloves +3
(+4def +Luck)
94,100 Zen
Dragon Boots +3
(+4def +Luck)
102,400 Zen
Sword of Salamander +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
85,600 Zen
Legendary Sword +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
163,700 Zen
Giant Sword +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
235,300 Zen
Double Blade +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
157,900 Zen
Lightning Sword +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
250,000 Zen
Heliacal Sword +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
277,700 Zen
Serpent Crossbow +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
197,400 Zen
Great Scythe +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
363,300 Zen
Bill of Balrog +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
256,000 Zen
Silver Bow +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
277,700 Zen
Bluewing Crossbow +3
(+4dmg +Luck +Skill)
434,000 Zen
Cancel Item Sale Buy-back Feature
  • Buy back items via the 'Cancel Item Sale' button.
  • You can rebuy expensive items that you have sold to NPC within 24 hours.
  • Buy back up to five previously sold items
  • When you buy back an item, 10% of the price of the item will be paid as a fee.
  • You cannot buy back time-limited items or cash items.

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