Lumen The Barmaid
Lumen The Barmaid
Lumen The Barmaid sells Ale, Town Portal Scroll, Armor of Guardsman, Sphere, and all the mini-game ticket crafting items you could ever need!
Item Selling List
Blood Castle Ticket Items:
Archangel Scroll +7

x1,000,000 Zen
Blood Bone +1

x10,000 Zen
Blood Bone +2

x50,000 Zen
Blood Bone +3

x100,000 Zen
Blood Bone +4

x300,000 Zen
Blood Bone +5

x500,000 Zen
Blood Bone +6

x800,000 Zen
Blood Bone +7

x1,000,000 Zen
Devil Square Ticket Items:
Devil's Eye +1

x10,000 Zen
Devil's Eye +2

x50,000 Zen
Devil's Eye +3

x100,000 Zen
Devil's Eye +4

x300,000 Zen
Devil's Eye +5

x500,000 Zen
Devil's Eye +6

x800,000 Zen
Devil's Eye +7

x1,000,000 Zen
Devil's Key +1

x15,000 Zen
Devil's Key +2

x75,000 Zen
Devil's Key +3

x150,000 Zen
Devil's Key +4

x450,000 Zen
Devil's Key +5

x750,000 Zen
Devil's Key +6

x1,200,000 Zen
Devil's Key +7

x1,500,000 Zen
Other Items:

x750 Zen

x100 Zen
Bolt +1

x1,400 Zen
Bolt +2

x2,200 Zen
Bolt +3

x3,000 Zen

x70 Zen
Arrow +1

x1,200 Zen
Arrow +2

x2,000 Zen
Arrow +3

x2,800 Zen

x30,000,000 Zen
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