Marlon is a loyal guard whom works for the Church of Devias, assisting as a guard in various cities. He offers Quests for the Blade Knight, Muse Elf, Soul Master, and Bloody Summoner Character Classes. Agree to help Marlon and he will bless you with special abilities.
Quest: Hero Status
Hero Status Quest
  • Hero Status quest is offered at Level 220 to Tier 1 classes.
  • Requires completion of the Treasures of MU quest.
  • Items required: x3,000,000 Zen
  • Difficulty: Easy
Quest: Dark Stone
Dark Stone Quest
  • Dark Stone quest is offered to Blade Knights after completing the Hero Status quest.
  • Requires completion of the Hero Status quest.
  • Items required: x2,000,000 Zen
  • Difficulty: Easy
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