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Dark Raven [Lv: 1]

Dark Raven

Set the item level...

  • HP: 255/255
  • Minimum DMG: 195
    • +1 every 8 COM Levels
  • Max DMG: 215
    • +1 every 4 COM Levels
  • ATK Rate: 1016
  • ATK Speed: 20
    • +1 every 50 COM Levels

  • COM Level: 195
  • Character Level 1
  • Can be equipped by DL

Additional option...
  • Skills: Basic Action Skill, Automatic Attack Skill, Mimic Skill, Attack Target Skill
  • Chance to inflict Excellent Damage: (3% + ([Command] / 200) + ([Raven’s level] / 20))
  • Chance to inflict Double Damage: 2% + ([Command] / 300) + ([Raven’s level] / 30)
  • Chance to ignore defense and inflict damage: 1% + ([Command] / 400) + ([Raven’s level] / 40)

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Notes & links...

This is a pet item; you can learn more about all pet items and their possible additional options in the pets guide. This pet is unique to the Dark Lord character. It is equipped by right-clicking the item, and can therefore be used with other regular pet items.

This pet can earn EXP and gain levels, up to level 70 max. The requirements to use the item increases each level it gains, however the level will not increase unless your character meets the requirements of the next pet level.

This pet has HP. If it reaches zero HP, it will lose 10% of its EXP. It can be healed through NPC Trainer.

This item can be crafted from a Soul of Dark Spirit through NPC Trainer.


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