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  • HP: 255/255

  • Character Level 110

Additional option...
  • [ATK\WIZ DMG] [+15%]
  • [Absorb DMG] [+10%]
  • [Skill]: [Raid]
(x1) Possible [+Additional Options]:
  • [AG] [+50]
  • [ATK Speed] [+5]
  • [Absorb DMG] [+5%]

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Notes & links...

This item is a mount, which can be equipped by right-clicking the item. You can learn more about all mount items and their possible additional options in the mounts guide. Mounts have HP; if the item's HP reaches zero it will disappear. It cannot be healed.

This item can be used to access the Icarus map without equipping wings.

The Dark Knight can use the Fire Breath skill when this item is equipped.

The item prevents flinching.

This item is unobtainable.


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