Raklion is a dangerous ice plain, host to Selupan's Hatchery! The Hatchery is an ancient ice cavern, the breeding grounds of Selupan, a wicker boss monster whom hoards the treasures of fallen warriors. Many will try to challenge her for prestige and loot, but only few will be able to survive! The Hatchery is located in the south-west of the ice plains. Inside, you'll occasionally find that Selupan has laid her eggs inside the cavern. Dare to attack her eggs, and you will surely summon the mighty Selupan! Gather friends and other adventures to help take her down, and perhaps you will be rewarded with great loot!

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Raklion map
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Monster List
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Map Gate List
  • Devias
    • @(224, 212)
    • Requires Character Level Level 10 to enter or Warp.
  • Nixies Lake
    • @(210, 218)
    • Requires Character Level Level 700 to enter or Warp.
  • Hatchery Entrance
    • @(172, 24)
    • A character can use this gate to enter the Selupan Hatchery battle room.


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