Gens Vanert Steward
Gens Vanert Steward
  • Miscellaneous NPC
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Conrad, a Gens Steward, represents the Vanert family. A Gens is essentially a clan. The Vanert family led by a well known socialite, Reicht. He strives put a stop to Winston. Reicht believes Winston's goal is an absolute rule over the Mu empire.
Joining a Gens
Gens Vanert
Game Lore...
Gens Vanert is a noble family led by Vanert Reicht, a great socialite. Vanert Reicht believes the ultimate goal of Duprian Clan is an absolute rule over the MU empire and therefore rebels against them. Vanert Reicht has always remained committed to eliminating the foul minions of Kundun, and to the revival of the MU empire, but doesn't wish to see it under the rule of the Duprian Clan. Everyone knows that Duprian Winston desires to subjugate the empire and put it under his absolute rule. It's imperative that heroes like you help Vanert Reicht seal away Kundun and restore entire peace to the MU empire.

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