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  • Level 1 ~ Level 30 Hunting
[Noria] is the native city of the Fairy kingdom. It is a huge woods located in the eastern-most part of the MU Continent. Originally, [Noria] was once populated only by the Fairies, but after [Kundun's] invasion on MU, exchange between humans grew more frequent. Over time, human settlement in the region became more pronounced. The region's location may seem trivial, but as the access point for [Atlans], the city of the [East Sea], it plays a significant role. The [Chaos Goblin], whom creates unique and powerful items through the power of [Jewel of Chaos], also resides here.

Entry Requirements
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Valuable Loot
Noria] map
# Hot Spots

Monster List
[Event] Monster List
[Egg of Monsters]:
NPC List
Map Gate List
  • [Lorencia]
    • @(150, 9)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 10] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Atlans]
    • @(238, 240)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 50] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Aida]
    • @(223, 28)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 130] to enter.
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 150] to [Warp].


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