Priestess Veina
Priestess Veina
  • Quest NPC
  • Location:
Priestess Veina has put in a request to the Mercenary Guild, looking for an adventurer to complete a task. The Quests are offered on Monday and Thursday to characters that are at least Character Level Level 350. Speak with the Mercenary Guild Manager in order to start the Quests.
Daily Quests
Wandering Merchant Zyro
  • Part of the Daily Quests on Monday and Thursday:
    • Request from the Underwater Temple
    • Requests from the Priestess
  • Level required: at least level 350
  • Difficulty: moderate
Notes & Tips
  • Located only in the Kalima 6 map.
  • Check the Mercenary Guild guide for more details.
Game Lore...
The Mercenary Guild is a strong Guild which has been known for ultimately preventing Kundun from breeching MU's main cities, several times. Since then, several Guild Members have retired and now the Guild needs extra assistance slaying monsters. The Guild is actively recruiting players, as a Free Mercenary, to kill monsters. A Free Mercenary is not technically a part of the Guild, but it is an established rank amongst the Mercenary Guild, and, as such, you will earn respect from it. It will cost Zen (x1,000,000) to register with the Guild.

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