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Nixies Lake

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Nixies Lake
  • Level 700 ~ Level 900 Hunting
Nixies Lake was once the most beautiful lake in MU. Now, you'll find Spirit Nixie and Nix guarding the great lake and its surrounding area. Selupan has summoned a curse over the area with the use of Secromicon's Book of Magic, causing powerful ice storms to completely freeze the lake. Legend says that great mages journeyed here in order to find Secromicon's Book of Magic, through a secret path of Raklion. However, after reaching Nix these mages were greeted with a slaughter as Nix has become cursed by the book's evil magic. Nix possesses the book's magical power and rules over the area. Now, all the creatures of Nixies Lake, including Spirit Nixie, have become cursed by this evil magic. Only the very brave dare to challenge this great beast or the creatures of the lake.

Entry Requirements
  • Requires Character Level Level 700 to warp.
Other Info
  • The boss monster Nix is located in this map.
  • This map can be entered from, and has entrances to:
  • If a character disconnects or changes servers, the character will move to the map's Safe Zone.
Valuable Loot
Monster Drops:
  • Excellent Holyangel items
Boss Monster Drops:
Nixies Lake
Nixies Lake map
# Hot Spots

Monster List
  • Level 125
  • HP: 240,000
  • ATK DMG: 2,500 ~ 2,550
  • DEF: 1,800
  • DEF Rate: 1,000
  • ELE ATK DMG: 930 ~ 1,110
  • ELE DEF: 1,500
  • Level 127
  • HP: 120,000
  • ATK DMG: 1,500 ~ 1,600
  • DEF: 1,400
  • DEF Rate: 800
  • ELE ATK DMG: 960 ~ 990
  • ELE DEF: 1,500
  • Level 129
  • HP: 125,000
  • ATK DMG: 3,100 ~ 3,200
  • DEF: 1,500
  • DEF Rate: 2,000
  • ELE ATK DMG: 1,200 ~ 1,300
  • ELE DEF: 1,500

Boss Monster List
  • Level 198
  • HP: 30,000,000
  • ATK DMG: 10,000 ~ 12,000
  • DEF: 3,000
  • DEF Rate: 2,140
  • ELE ATK DMG: 4,500 ~ 5,000
  • ELE DEF: 1,950
  • Skills:
    • Energy Ball - causes AOE damage, and has a high chance to decrease DMG and DEF for 30 seconds.
    • Ice Rain - causes AOE damage, and has a small chance to cause Freeze debuff for 30 seconds.
    • Ice Breath - causes AOE damage, and decreases movement speed for 60 seconds.
    • Ice Boom - used after Ice Breath, it causes AOE damage. 2 second cast time.
    • Knoledge Absorbtion - Used when HP is significantly low. Nix becomes invincible for 3 minutes, and creates 2 Barrier Stones nearby. Nix will uses Ice Rain skill for 3 minutes. If the Barrier Stones are not destroyed within 3 minutes, Nix summons x20 monsters. *Barrier Stones only take ELE DMG.
    • Devil Eyes - Used right before Nix's HP reaches 0. A magic circle is generated at a random location. After 10 seconds, all areas outside the magic circle will have black ice rain pouring down from above. If a character is outside of the magic circle, the character's dies instantly.
Boss Zone
  • Boss monster: Nix
  • Respawn time: 18 ~ 24 hours
  • Gate co-ords: @(113, 109)
  • Entry ticket: Spirit Nixie's Shard (x1)
  • Spirit Nixie's Shard can be purchased from NPC Priest James.
  • Talk to Spirit Nixie to enter the zone.
  • Character's cannot enter the boss zone if other characters are already in the boss zone.
  • Character's cannot enter the boss zone if Nix has not yet respawned.
  • If a character dies while fighting with a Party, the character cannot reenter the boss zone until the battle ends.
  • If there are no characters within attack range, Nix immediately starts to recover HP every second.
  • If all characters are killed, the boss zone entrance reopens and Nix fully recovers HP.
  • If Nix is killed, it will respawn after about 24 hours.
  • After Nix is killed, character are automatically removed from the boss zone after 5 minutes.
  • On death, Nix drops one item per character in the boss zone.


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