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Apostle Devin
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[Apostle Devin] is searching for a mighty warrior to accept a very difficult quest. Ultimately, he plans to infiltrate [Balgass' Barracks] and kill the evil war lord, [Dark Elf], that lurks within! It will not be an easy task. Agree to help him and he will bless you with special abilities.

[Apostle Devin]
  • Located in [Crywolf] @(228, 48)
  • Offers a [Quests] for characters at least [Character Level] [Level 380].
  • The final part of the [Quest] requires [Character Level] [Level 400].
  • The [Quest] can be completed by any [Tier 2] [Character Class].
[Apostle Devin] menu
  • Offers the following [Quest]:
  • [Quest] required: [Hero Status]
  • [Blade Knight] [Character Class] requires completion of [The Dark Stone] [Quest].
  • [Items] required: [Zen] (x21,000,000), at least
  • [Difficulty]: Hard

[Crywolf] path
  • [Crywolf] map entrance.
  • [Character Level] required: [Level 160]
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