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Balgass Barracks

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Balgass Barracks
  • Level 400 ~ 550 Hunting
[Kundun] commanded [Lemuria], the Queen of Sorcery, to dispatch troops to [Crywolf] in attempt to overcome guardians of the continent. [Lemuria] assigned [Balgass], a great warlord, to build an army and attack the city relentlessly. Quickly, [Balgass] established a training ground for monsters, called [Balgass' Barracks], in the eastern caves of [Crywolf]. Its here that his army is continuously training and preparing for their attacks on the city.

Entry Requirements
Other Info
  • This map cannot be accessed via [Warp Command].
  • This map can only be entered via NPC [Werewolf Guardsman], in [Crywolf].
  • It costs [Zen] (x3,000,000) to enter this [Map], each time.
  • This [Map] can only be entered from [Crywolf].
  • This [Map] has an entrance to the [Balgass' Resting Place] map.
  • You can only exit this map via [Warp], or by disconnecting.
  • If a character dies, changes servers, or disconnects, the character will respawn in the [Crywolf] [Safe-Zone].
Valuable Loot
  • [Excellent] items
Balgass' Resting Place
  • This map is entered in order to complete the [Into The Realm of 'Darkness'] subquest, which is part of the [Master Quest].
  • This map cannot be entered until the quest is started.
  • The [Dark Elf (Trainee Soldier)] boss monster is located here.
  • You must kill the [Dark Elf (Trainee Soldier)] to complete the quest.
  • After completing the quest, this area cannot be entered anymore.
[Balgass' Resting Place] map
[Balgass' Barracks] map
# Hot Spots

# Monster List
[Balram (Trainee Soldier)]
Balram (Trainee Soldier)
  • [Level 117]
  • [HP]: 75,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 550 ~ 650
  • [ATK Rate]: ?
  • [DEF]: 480
  • [DEF Rate]: 370
[Death Spirit (Trainee Soldier)]
Death Spirit (Trainee Soldier)
  • [Level 118]
  • [HP]: 85,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 580 ~ 680
  • [ATK Rate]: ?
  • [DEF]: 490
  • [DEF Rate]: 390
[Soram (Trainee Soldier)]
Soram (Trainee Soldier)
  • [Level 119]
  • [HP]: 90,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 600 ~ 700
  • [ATK Rate]: ?
  • [DEF]: 500
  • [DEF Rate]: 390
# Boss Monster List
[Dark Elf (Trainee Soldier)]
Dark Elf (Trainee Soldier)
  • [Level 128]
  • [HP]: 1,500,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 800 ~ 900
  • [ATK Rate]: ?
  • [DEF]: 900
  • [DEF Rate]: 400
# NPC List

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