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[Lahap] can bind large amounts of [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundles], or unbind them, for a [Zen] fee.

  • Located in [Elveland] @(37, 240).
  • He can bind or unbind [Jewel Bundles].
[Lahap] menu
  • [Jewel Combination] is used to bind [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundles].
  • [Dismantle Jewel] is used to unbind [Jewel Bundles] into individual [Jewels].

Additional Info
  • All [Jewels] can be binded into [Jewel Bundles], including [Gemstone] and [Refining Stones].
  • Binding (x10) [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundle] costs (x500,000) [Zen].
  • Binding (x20) [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundle +1] costs (x1,000,000) [Zen].
  • Binding (x30) [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundle +2] costs (x1,500,000) [Zen].
  • Unbinding any [Jewel Bundle] into individual [Jewels] costs (x1,000,000) [Zen].
  • There must be enough space in your [Inventory] when unbinding [Jewel Bundles].

[Jewel Combination]
[Dismantle Jewel]



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