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[Lahap] collects [Elemental Symbols] and will reward anyone whom collets all five [Elemental Symbols] with an [Element Box].

  • Located in [Elveland] @(37, 240).
  • Located in [Crywolf] @(96, 25), if the [Server] won the [Crywolf Invasion] [Mini-game].
  • This [NPC] only appears occassionally, during [Event] [Collect Elemental Symbols].
[Lahap] menu
  • Speak with this [NPC] to use [Symbol Combination].
  • [Symbol Combination] exchanges [Elemental Symbols] for an [Element Box].

Additional Info
  • There are five different [Elemental Symbols]:
    • [Symbol of Fire]
    • [Symbol of Water]
    • [Symbol of Wind]
    • [Symbol of Earth]
    • [Symbol of Darkness]
  • You must have at least one of each of the [Elemental Symbols] in your inventory in order to use [Symbol Combination].
  • Use [Symbol Combination] to instantly recieve the reward, [Element Box].
[Symbol of Fire] [Symbol of Water] [Symbol of Wind] [Symbol of Earth] [Symbol of Darkness] [Element Box]

Element Box
Right-click the [Reward Box] in order to open it! You can recieve one of the following items:
  • [Talisman Element Change]
  • [Bloodangel Soul]
  • [Sealed] [Bloodangel] items
  • [Kundun's Madness Blade]
  • [Kundun's Magic Spell Scroll]
  • [Empire Guardians' Stronghold]
  • [Ancient Icarus Scroll]
  • [Arca's Prophecy]
  • [Antonia's Sword]
  • [Kundun's Seal Scroll]
  • [Bless of Light (Greater)] (x?)
  • [Bless of Light (Middle Grade)] (x?)
  • [Ruud] (x?)

[Season 14] Changelog
Prior to [Season 14], [Lahap] was able to bind large amounts of [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundles], or unbind them, for a [Zen] fee. [Jewel Bundles] are now a discontinued item since the [Divide] feature was added, which allows free stacking and dismatling of multiple [Jewel] items.
  • All [Jewels] were able to be binded into [Jewel Bundles], including [Gemstone] and [Refining Stones].
  • Binding (x10) [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundle] cost (x500,000) [Zen].
  • Binding (x20) [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundle +1] cost (x1,000,000) [Zen].
  • Binding (x30) [Jewels] into [Jewel Bundle +2] cost (x1,500,000) [Zen].
  • Unbinding any [Jewel Bundle] into individual [Jewels] cost (x1,000,000) [Zen].
  • There needed to be enough space in your [Inventory] when unbinding [Jewel Bundles].
[Jewel Combination]
[Dismantle Jewel]




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