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Lumen The Barmaid
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[Lumen The Barmaid] sells the items required to craft [Devil Square] and [Blood Castle] [Mini-game Ticket] items, and other general items such as health potions, mana potions, [Arrows] and [Bolts], [Town Portal Scroll], [Armor of Guardsman], and more.

[Lumen The Barmaid]
  • Located in [Lorencia] @(123, 135).
  • Located in [Event Square] at multiple coordinates.
  • Sells [Mini-game Ticket] crafting items, general recovery items, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Any item can be sold to this [NPC] for [Zen].
  • The (x5) most recent [Expensive Items] sold to this [NPC] can be canceled, for a [Zen] fee.
[Lumen The Barmaid]

Item Selling List
[Mini-game Ticket] crafting items:
[Recovery Items]:


[Cancel Item Sale] Feature
  • When attempting to sell [Expensive Items] a warning window will appear to indicate you are trying to sell an [Expensive Item].
  • The (x5) most recent [Expensive Items] sold to this [NPC] can be canceled, for a [Zen] fee.
  • [Expensive Items] can only be bought back within 24 hours of the sale.
  • Use the [Cancel Item Sale] button to open the [Item Sale List].
  • It costs 110% of the item's selling price in order to buy back any item.
  • For example, in order to buy back an item which sells to [NPC] for (x100,000) [Zen], it would cost (x110,000) [Zen] to buy it back.
  • [Bound] items, [Time-limited] items, and [Premium] items cannot be bought back.

Rare Item Warning
Cancel Item Sale


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