Wandering Merchant Martin

Wandering Merchant Martin Wandering Merchant Martin is located in Crywolf (101, 41). He sells a selection of general goods including town portal scrolls, potions, bolts, arrows, and armor of guardsman.

Merchandise Selling Price
Apple 20 Zen
Small Healing Potion 80 Zen
Healing Potion 330 Zen
Large Healing Potion 1,500 Zen
Small Mana Potion 80 Zen
Mana Potion 330 Zen
Large Mana Potion 1,500 Zen
Antidote 80 Zen
Apple +1 40 Zen
Small Healing Potion +1 160 Zen
Healing Potion +1 660 Zen
Large Healing Potion +1 3,000 Zen
Bolt 100 Zen
Bolt +1 1,400 Zen
Bolt +2 2,200 Zen
Arrow 70 Zen
Arrow +1 1,200 Zen
Arrow +2 2,000 Zen
Town Portal Scroll 750 Zen
Armor of Guardsman 5,000 Zen
Sphere (Mono) 30,000,000 Zen
Cancel Item Sale Buy-back Feature
  • Buy back items via the 'Cancel Item Sale' button.
  • You can rebuy expensive items that you have sold to NPC within 24 hours.
  • Buy back up to five previously sold items
  • When you buy back an item, 10% of the price of the item will be paid as a fee.
  • You cannot buy back time-limited items or cash items.

Rare Item Warning


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