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[Atlans] Map
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[Atlans] is a dangerous underwater world! Once a great ancient city, it now lies in ruins due to [Kundun's] invasion. Fearsome sea creatures have swarmed into what remains, and vicious [Hydra] has been spotted lurking in the deepest depths of these waters, awaiting to attack prey.

[Atlans] map

[Atlans] was an ancient city built by the [Kantur People], whom had developed very advanced systems inside of [Kanturu Relics]. The [Kantur People] thrived off of natural resources, and therefore created this city for its abundant natural resources. However, during [Year 1870 of Lugard], [Kundun] was resurrected and directly attacked the city of [Atlans]. At this time, the [Kantur People] were already suffering from internal wars and rebellion among their own people. Their lack of unity and willpower to fight against [Kundun's Army] would ultimately lead to the destruction of their cities of [Atlans] and [Kanturu Relics]. [Atlans] has since become merely a sea wilderness. Overgrown with natural sea wild life, the remaining ruins of the great ancient city can barely be recognized.

Additional Info
  • Requires [Character Level] [Level 50] to enter or [Warp].
  • This [Map] can be entered from, and has entrances to, the following [Map]:
  • [Non-PVP] area

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Monster List
[Mini-game] Monster List
[Golden Monster Invasion]:

[Event] Monster List
  • None
NPC List
  • [Marlon]
    • @(18, 25)
    • Only appears occasionally.
Map Gate List
  • [Noria]
    • @(12, 10)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 10] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Elveland]
    • @(15, 19)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 10] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Tarkan]
    • @(16, 226)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 130] to enter.
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 140] to [Warp].


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