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Valley of Loren

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Valley of Loren
  • The Castle Siege mini-game map
Valley of Loren is host the empire's great Castle. It is the base of which structures the entire continent and its people. The Castle is overseen by the empire's strongest forces, the people themselves. As such, Guilds can compete against each other in order to prove their strength. When the competition ends, the strongest Guild's Guild Master will become the Castle Lord for a period of time, which has some exclusive roles among the continent.

Entry Requirements
  • Requires Character Level 10 to enter.
  • You can only enter this map from Lorencia
Other Info
  • The Castle Siege mini-game takes place in this map.
  • The Guild holding control of the Castle has their Guild Flag flown at the Castle.
  • This map has entrances to Land of Trials and Crywolf.
Valley of Loren
Valley of Loren map
Mini-game Monster List
Castle Siege:
  • Castle Gate
  • Guardian Statue
  • Archer
  • Spearman
NPC List
Map Gate List
  • Lorencia
    • @(29, 41)
    • Requires Character Level Level 10 to enter or Warp.
  • Crywolf
    • @(160, 40)
    • Requires Character Level Level 160 to enter.
  • Land of Trials
    • Speak with NPC Gatekeeper @(140, 100) to enter.
    • Requires Character Level Level ? to enter.


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