Messenger Of Archangel
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If you speak to the Messenger Of Archangel in Devias, he will teleport you to Event Square, where the NPC is also located. Speak to Messenger Of Archangel in Event Square to join the Blood Castle mini-game.

  • This NPC can be found in Devias (209, 29), (220, 9), and Event Square (188, 92).
  • To participate in the Blood Castle mini-game, you'll need to craft a Invisibility Cloak.
  • The core ingredients to create all mini-game tickets can be bought from Lumen the Barmaid. She is located in multiple places in Event Square.
  • Use the Chaos Goblin Machine to create any mini-game ticket.
  • Crafting mini-game tickets in Event Square has a +5% success rate.
  • There are multiple stage difficulties that divide players by levels:
    • Stage One: Level 50~179
    • Stage Two: Level 180~269
    • Stage Three: Level 270~349
    • Stage Four: Level 350~399
    • Stage Five: Level 400~500
    • Stage Six: Level 501~650
    • Stage Seven: Level 651+


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