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[Shadow Phantom Soldier]
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[Shadow Phantom Soldiers] are located throughout the continent. These soldiers have been trying to hold off the evil monsters being summoned by [Kundun]. [Shadow Phantom Soldiers], for the last 2 years, have successfully maintained a few cities. Unfortunately, their now diminished forces are not strong enough to do it alone. They are recutting almost anyone left on the continent to help fight off [Kundun's] evil. By completing their [Quests], the [Shadow Phantom Soldiers] will guide you to become a great and knowledgable warrior; they will also grant handsome rewards!

[Shadow Phantom Soldier]
  • Located in [Lorencia], [Noria], [Elveland], and [Devias] at multiple locations.
  • Offers [Quests] for all [Character Classes].
  • Offers [Quests] for characters from [Character Level] [Level 1] ~ [Level 770].
  • Offers a free [Buff] for lower level characters.
[Shadow Phantom Soldier] menu

[Buff] Details
  • This [NPC] offers a free [Buff] which increases [ATK DMG] and [DEF] greatly.
  • The [NPC] [Buff] can be used at any time, and lasts for 60 minutes.
  • The [NPC] [Buff] cannot be used past [Character Level] [Level 220].
  • In [Gold Channel Servers] the [NPC] [Buff] cannot be used past [Character Level] [Level 400].
  • [Buff] effect:
    • [ATK DMG] [+45]
    • [+1] [ATK DMG] every 3 [Character Levels]
    • [DEF] [+50]
    • [+1] [DEF] every 5 [Character Levels]
    • [Duration]: 60 minutes

Additional Information
  • The [Quests] offered have various rewards, such as [EXP], [Zen], equipment items, or even [Jewels]!
  • Each [Quest] has specific [Character Level] restrictions.
  • This [NPC] will only offer a [Quest] to a character if it's within the [Character Level] restrictions.
  • Some [Quests] offered by this [NPC] are repeatable.
  • Sometimes the [Task] of each [Quest] varies by [Character Class].




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